Personal Information Protection Policy

The Tokyo International Industry Exhibition 2019 Secretariat handles private information and ensures safety according to the following personal information protection policy.

1. Observance of Laws and Regulations Relating to the Protection of Personal Information
In handling personal information relating to the implementation of the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition 2019, we shall observe the "Act Concerning Protection of Personal Information" as well as all other applicable laws and regulations.
2. Responsibility of the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition 2019 Executive Committee
When collecting personal information, we shall make it a principle to first specify the purpose of the collection and state that we will do so only to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose and then receive the information at the will of each individual. We will not use personal information within the Executive Committee for any purposes other than the stated purpose or supply it to non-Committee members, except for future Tokyo International Industry Exhibitions information and information, inquiries, and so on from the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition organizing body concerning measures and matters relating to measures.
3. Thorough Implementation of Safety Control Measures for Personal Information
We shall assign persons to be responsible for information management who will handle personal information, and work on appropriate management for personal information protection. We shall take appropriate measures for maintaining and protecting supplied personal information from leaks, theft, loss, destruction, and so on.
4. Other Matters Relating to the Handling of Personal Information
If an individual requests us to stop disclosure or the use of his or her personal information, or finds incorrect personal information after disclosure, and requests us to correct or delete it, we shall respond to that request without delay. To improve the awareness of security, we shall ensure that this policy is implemented by the members of the Executive Committee, as well as all members of the Secretariat Office and any organizations concerned.

If you have any questions about our Personal Information Protect Policy or Disclosure requests, and so forth, please contact us for more information at the following address.