Objectives of the Exhibition
The objectives of the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition are to create a platform to display the outstanding technologies and products achieved by a diverse array of small and medium-sized businesses that have offices mainly in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa), as well as providing opportunities for those businesses to engage in a range of business activities, such as expanding their sales channels,establishing new partnerships with other businesses, and gathering and exchanging information.
Exhibition Themes
At the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition 2018, cuttingedge small and medium-sized businesses with remarkable technologies, products, and services, as well as innovative ideas and expertise, will gather together under the theme of "Power to connect, Link to the future" This exhibition is for small and medium-sized businesses who aim to create innovative values.It provides opportunities for them to shape their future through meetings and exchanges, connecting their technologies and services to the powers of a variety of people and companies.

Benefits of Exhibiting

アイコン1 Consult directly with decision-makers
     from a wide variety of businesses

アイコン1 Comprehensive support throughout the event,
     as well as before and after,
     so that even first-time exhibitors
     can feel at ease

  • Three skill improvement seminars will be held!
  • In the two pre-seminars before the exhibition,learn how to make the best of the
       exhibition and effective sales methods!
  • The follow-up seminar will teach you the skills to change a prospective
       customer to a paying customer, and more!
Example: Schedule of skill improvement seminars last year

アイコン1 Events for business meetings and networking to
     increase the effectiveness of the exhibition

  • Special Business Meeting Sessions …………………………………………………
       A large number of buyers are invited. The satisfaction level of the participants was 88%.
  • Exhibitor Presentations …………………………………………………………………
       Exhibitors present their own products and services on the sub stage.
  • 1-minute Presentation Movie ……………………………………………………………
       Companies' PR movies are played in the venue.
  • Matching Concierge ………………………………………………………………………
       Guide the visitors to the booth spaces of the exhibitors.
  • Exhibitor Exchange Party ………………………………………………………………
       Exchange information between exhibitors over a meal (fees apply).

Exhibition Fields

  • ● Technologies and services using IoT, AI, Big Data, etc.
  • ● Video/image processing technology, video production
  • ● Cloud services
  • ● Technologies related to online and smartphone applications
  • ● Technologies and products related to information security
  • ● Next-generation semiconductor technology, etc.
  • ● Environmentally friendly energy technologies
  • ● Waste disposal and recycling technologies
  • ● Technologies and products related to energy-saving and new energy
  • ● Environmental improvement technologies (improvement of soil, water, etc.)
  • ● Environment-related services, devices relate to environmental analysis and measurement
  • ● Technologies and products related to crushing, grinding, granulation,volume reduction, compression, packing, etc.
  • ● Biotechnology
  • ● Technologies related to regenerative medicine
  • ● Technologies and products related to nursing care and rehabilitation
  • ● Medical equipment and nursing care and welfare equipment industries
  • ● Barrier-free technologies and products
  • ● Technologies for continuous-monitoring medical management systems, etc.
  • ● Robotics industry, next-generation automobile industry, air and space industry
  • ● Tools, metal press processing, machine tools, processing machines (food, etc.), bearings, dies and molds, electrical equipment
  • ● MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology
  • ● Materials and materials-related technologies
  • ● Designing and manufacturing of precision equipment,electronic equipment, etc.

Conditions of Eligibility for Exhibitors

As a general rule, the following conditions must be met for small and medium-sized businesses, cooperative associations, business unions and other organizations to exhibit.Please check that your business meets these rules before applying.

1 Businesses with offices in the Tokyo Metropolitan area
   (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa)

2 Businesses which are active in one of the exhibition fields
   (Information/Environment/Healthcare & Welfare/Metals and Machinery)

  • * Even in the case of small and medium-sized businesses to which the conditions listed to the right apply, the business in
     question shall not be eligible to exhibit where any of the following conditions apply:

     1. Where a single large company (i.e. not a small or medium-sized company) owns half or more of all issued shares, or is
        responsible for at least half of all investment received.

     2. Where two or more large companies own at least 2/3 of all issued shares, or are responsible for at least 2/3 of all investment

     3. Where half or more of all company officers are simultaneously serving as officers or employees of a large company.

  • *Individuals possessing a trade name will be treated as small or medium-sized businesses.

Definition of Small or Medium-sized Businesses

Manufacturing, construction, transport, and other industries
(excluding the industries below)
Capital of less than ¥300 million
and/or less than 300 employees
Wholesale Capital of less than ¥100 million
and/or less than 100 employees
Service Industry Capital of less than ¥50 million
and/or less than 100 employees
Retail Capital of less than ¥50 million
and/or less than 50 employees
Manufacture of rubber products
(excluding manufacture of automobile or aircraft tires; tubes;
or industrial belts)
Capital of less than ¥300 million
and/or less than 900 employees
Software or information processing services Capital of less than ¥300 million
and/or less than 300 employees


Exhibition fees:
・Small and medium-sized businesses and organizations
 (excluding small-scale businesses and organizations)
 ¥75,600 (tax included) per booth
 (approximately 9 m²)

・Small-scale businesses and organizations
 (example of a small-scale business: a manufacturing business
 with 20 or fewer employees)

 ¥54,000 (tax included) per booth
 (approximately 9 m²)

Costs not included in the exhibition fees

(The following costs are required to be paid by the exhibitor.)

1 Bank charges for payment of the fees by electronic transfer
2 Costs of fitting out the booth
3 Incidental equipment costs for additional equipment, such as electrical construction and its usage,
   telephone lines,water supply and drainage
4 Costs of setting up and taking down the booth

Data from the Previous Exhibition

November 15(Wed.)16(Thu.)17(Fri.), 2017 Number of Exhibitors: 884 Companies and Organizations 953 Booths Number of Visitors: 59,837 (Total in 3 days)

rappa Exhibitor Feedback

  • We had people from various fields, who we would usually never have the chance to meet, become interested in our product. We're glad that we took part in the exhibition.
  • We were able to further promote our brand and technical capabilities.
  • We had so many visitors that there was nothing left of the brochures and promotional items that we had prepared.
  • We greatly appreciate the chance to exchange information and interact with such a large number of exhibitors.
  • There was a wide range of supporting activities outside of the exhibition itself, such as training-type projects before the exhibition, and booth evaluations during the exhibition.
  • It was good that there were programs for advertising opportunities, such as the 1-minute Presentation Movie and Exhibitor Presentations.
  • We thought we had the wrong target with this exhibition, but unexpectedly, we had a consultation about a business deal overseas, which we expect to close soon. Thank you very much.

Applications and Payment

1. How to apply
 [Web applications only]
(1)Tokyo International Industry Exhibition 2018 Website  
 (Please enter the necessary information in the exhibitor application page of
 the official website: https://www.sangyo-koryuten.tokyo/)
(2) After entering the required details, print out and seal the completed
 application form and send it to the exhibition office at the address below.
(3) After examining your application, the office will contact you with the results.
2. Available number
 of booths
One company or organization may apply for a maximum of 4 booth spaces.
3. Application deadline
Applications must arrive no later than July 20 (Fri.), 2018
Applications will be examined in order of arrival. Once all available booth spaces are filled, any remaining applications will go onto a waitlist.
Please understand this when submitting your application.
4. Payment deadline of
 exhibition fees
August 9 (Thu.), 2018
After the organizers approve the contents of the application form, only businesses whose applications are deemed acceptable will receive an invoice addressed to the relevant person at that company.
Please be aware that your participation in the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition 2018 will only be confirmed when payment is received,prior to the deadline for payment.

Booth Specifications

1. Basic booth
 standard equipment
Booth size (W2,970mm × D2,970mm × H2,700mm)
  • Back panel/Side panels
     * Side panels are limited to cases where there are adjacent booths.
  • Parapet (H300mm)
  • Booth signage
     * Black sans-serif characters: One sign only, regardless of the number of
     booth spaces (Two signs for corner booths)
  • Projecting sign with company name
  • Fluorescent light (2 lights per booth space)
  • Needle punch carpet (approx. 9㎡ )
  • Information counter
     * 1 counter regardless of number of booth spaces
  • 1 folding chair
     *1 chair per booth space
  • Power outlets (2 sockets per outlet)
     * 1 power outlet regardless of the number of booth spaces
  • Single-phase, 2-wire 100 volt AC, 10A  (1 kW equivalent)
     *10A regardless of number of booth spaces
2. Regarding the location
 of booths
Location of booths will be determined at the booth location selection meeting held at the exhibitors orientation on August 31 (Fri.), 2018.


*Applications will be examined in order of arrival. Once all available booth spaces are filled, any remaining applications will go onto a waitlist.

*Taking down booths will commence from 17:00 on November 16 (Fri.).

Venue Access

Tokyo Big Sight: 3-11-1 Ariake,
Koto-ku, Tokyo

Nearest stations

Yurikamome: Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon Station
(3 -min. walk)

Rinkai Line: Kokusai-tenjijo Station
(7-min. walk)

Applications & Inquiries

Tokyo International Industry Exhibition
2018 Secretariat Office

2F Shinkoji-machi Bldg., 4-3-3 Koji-machi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan
TEL:03-3263-8885 FAX:03-3263-6598